Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


GER AN I UM I NTERSPEC I F I C Pe l a rgon i um i n t e r s pec i f i c Calliope ® Large Intense Color That Lasts ™ . • An industry-first innovation and still the No. 1 geranium for color and performance. • Vigorous habits and maximum flower power make Calliope Large the perfect choice for high-impact baskets and large pots. • A wide range of color options, large habits, and all-season performance translates directly into consumer success.

DIMENSIONS 20–24” W x 16–20” H HABIT Mounded FORMS URC, CC, AutoStix ®

Calliope ® Large Burgundy

Calliope ® Large Burgundy 70020360

Calliope ® Large Coral 70054697

Calliope ® Large Dark Red 70004166

Calliope ® Large Hot Pink 70070046

Calliope ® Large Hot Rose 70070047

Calliope ® Large Lavender 70069761

Calliope ® Large Lavender Mega Splash 70059873

Calliope ® Large Magenta 70059912

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