Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


GER AN I UM I V Y Pe l a rgon i um pe l t a t um Ivy League ™

Color ahead of its class. • Exceptional heat tolerance, raises the bar for the ivy geranium class. • Strong branching and pot fill builds better baskets. • A broad range of core and novelty colors makes Ivy League the go-to ivy geranium series for growers.

DIMENSIONS 20–24” W x 12–16” H HABIT Trailing FORMS URC, CC, AutoStix ®

Ivy League ™ Orchid

Ivy League ™ Arctic Red 70004182

Ivy League ™ Burgundy 70069770

Ivy League ™ Burgundy Bicolor 70004181

Ivy League ™ Cherry Blossom 70074821

Ivy League ™ Deep Pink 70074807

Ivy League ™ Hot Coral 70053309

Ivy League ™ Light Lavender 70074808

Ivy League ™ Orchid 70074805

Ivy League ™ Red 70074811

Ivy League ™ Salmon 70028703

Ivy League ™ White 70069781

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