Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


V ERBENA Ve rbena hyb r i da Magelana ™

A constant carpet of color. • Tight, densely branched habits are perfect for small pots. • Excels in in-ground planting, creating a carpet of bright and bold colors. • Tough as nails landscape color that holds up from spring to fall.

DIMENSIONS 12–14” W x 4–6” H HABIT Trailing FORMS URC, Pre-Pinched, AutoStix ®

Magelana ™ Lilac

Magelana ™ Hot Rose 70004403

Magelana ™ Lilac 70004404

Magelana ™ Lipstick 70021336

Magelana ™ Peach 70051384

Magelana ™ Violet 70004394

V I NCA Ca t ha ran t hus ro s eus Nirvana ® Cascade

Builds bolder and brighter baskets. • Big blooms and trailing habits are perfect for upscale hanging baskets and combos. • Exceptional heat tolerance keeps Nirvana Cascade blooming through the intense heat of summer. • The perfect summer mixer that blends well with other trailing heat lovers like Angelonia Carita ™ Cascade and Scaevola Bombay ® .

DIMENSIONS 18–22” W x 6–8” H HABIT Trailing FORMS URC, CC, AutoStix ®

Nirvana ® Cascade Pink Splash

V E G E T A T I V E | A N N U A L S


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