Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


C L EOME F1 C l eome ha s s l e r i ana Sparkler ™

Big, bold color for season-extending programs. • F1 hybrid vigor and uniformity offer easy production and superior landscape performance. • Heat-loving annual holds up to summer stress and provides reliable height and structure to landscape beds. • Primed seed offers uniform germination to optimize production from sow to finish.

DIMENSIONS 24–36” W x 42–48” H HABIT Upright FORMS Primed

Sparkler ™ Mix

Sparkler ™ Blush 70006560

Sparkler ™ Lavender 70018910

Sparkler ™ Rose 70006561

Sparkler ™ White 70002676

Sparkler ™ Mix 70018911

CORN ORNAMENTA L F1 Zea mays Field of Dreams ™ • The striking foliage is layered with stripes of rose, pink, yellow, white, and green. • The compact nature of the variety makes it perfect for thriller components in combinations. • Great for use in fall promotions and produces small ears of corn, which are perfect for popping!

DIMENSIONS 31–39” W x 59–70” H HABIT Upright FORMS Raw

Field of Dreams ™ 70046025

Field of Dreams ™

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