Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


D I ANTHUS F1 D i an t hus ch i nens i s Super Parfait ™

Showstopping blooms. • Large, showy bicolor flowers drive early spring retail traffic. • Economical to produce—adaptable to high-density production and requires minimal heating inputs. • Well branched and vigorous growing in the garden for season-extending color.

DIMENSIONS 8–10” W x 6–8” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Raw, Pelleted

Super Parfait ™ Red Peppermint

Super Parfait ™ Raspberry 70002705

Super Parfait ™ Red Peppermint 70019271

Super Parfait ™ Strawberry 70002706

Super Parfait ™ Mix 70019285

D I ANTHUS F1 D i an t hus ch i nens i s Venti Parfait ™

• The next generation of Super Parfait ™ Dianthus, with mega-sized, showy blooms on compact and well-branched plants. • Greater plant vigor easily fills retail-ready containers and provides extended garden color. • Bold bicolors add class and vibrancy to the series.

DIMENSIONS 8–10” W x 8–10” H | HABIT Mounded | FORMS Raw, Pelleted

Venti Parfait ™ Crimson 70038525

Venti Parfait ™ Blueberry Eye 70064366

Venti Parfait ™ Crimson Eye 70027330

Venti Parfait ™ Strawberry Shades 70064365

Venti Parfait ™ Strawberry Shades

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