Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


D I ANTHUS F1 D i an t hus × ba rba t us Diabunda ®

A bounty of bicolors. • A compact Sweet William type that is programmable with uniform habits and timing for easy, efficient production in packs or in pots. • Faster and easier to flower for early-spring and fall sales compared to traditional Dianthus barbatus . • Striking colors, including bicolors make these familiar flowers a hit at retail.

DIMENSIONS 8–10” W x 8–10” H | HABIT Mounded | FORMS Raw, Pelleted

Diabunda ® Pink Pearl 70019221

Diabunda ® Purple 70019213

Diabunda ® Purple Picotee 70019219

Diabunda ® Rose

Diabunda ® Red 70019212

Diabunda ® Red Picotee 70019218

Diabunda ® Rose 70019220

Diabunda ® Mix 70006748

ENGL I SH DA I SY / BEL L I S F1 Be l l i s pe renn i s Bam Bam ™

• Unique, fully double flowers on non-stretching stems. • Compact plants with clean foliage are perfect for packs and small pots. • 100% annual flowering with no vernalization needed—Ideal for both autumn and spring production.

DIMENSIONS 6–8” W x 4–6” H | HABIT Upright | FORMS Pelleted

Bam Bam ™ Mix

Bam Bam ™ Red 70092107

Bam Bam ™ Rose 70092108

Bam Bam ™ Mix 70092109

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