Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


GER AN I UM F1 Pe l a rgon i um × ho r t o rum Multibloom ™

Fast to the finish. • A dwarf habit and fast flowering make this the perfect series for spring promotions. • Easy to finish in small pots/packs at high densities without PGRs. • Very early to flower with incredible flower power. • An average of 15–20 blooms per plant provide a blast of color at retail for fast sell-through.

DIMENSIONS 10–12” W x 10–12” H HABIT Upright FORMS Coated

Multibloom ™ Red

Multibloom ™ Capri 70020561

Multibloom ™ Lavender 70041413

Multibloom ™ Pink 70020472

Multibloom ™ Red 70034994

Multibloom ™ Salmon 70020474

Multibloom ™ Violet 70034995

Multibloom ™ White 70020477

Multibloom ™ Mix 70020563

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