Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


GER AN I UM I V Y F1 Pe l a rgon i um pe l t a t um Reach Out ™ Tough as nails. • Early to flower and easy to produce due to its compact habit and short internodes. • Produces abundant flowers all over the plant and does not get ‘tangled up’ in production. • Superb landscape, container, and basket performance.

DIMENSIONS 10–14” W x 6–8” H HABIT Trailing FORMS Coated

Reach Out ™ Lilac Bicolor

Reach Out ™ Hot Pink 70092149

Reach Out ™ Light Purple 70092151

Reach Out ™ Lilac Bicolor 70092148

Reach Out ™ Pink 70092152

Reach Out ™ Red 70092145

Reach Out ™ White 70092150

Reach Out ™ Mix 70092146

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