Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


IMPAT I ENS NEW GU I NE A F1 Impa t i ens hawke r i Florific ® Award-winning performance from seed. • Sets the new standard for economical and fast, high- density production of New Guinea Impatiens from seed. • Uniform and well-branched plants are paired with large, flat flowers help on top of the foliage. • A great alternative to Impatiens walleriana where downy mildew exists in the landscape.

DIMENSIONS 10–12” W x 8–12” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Raw

Florific ® Violet

Florific ® Lavender 70019983

Florific ® Red 70019984

Florific ® Sweet Orange 70019990

Florific ® Violet 70019982

Florific ® White 70019978

Florific ® Mix 70019980

L AURENT I A F1 Lau ren t i a ax i l l a r i s Starshine ™

• A great seed alternative to cuttings, with a rounded and mounded habit that works well in baskets and combos. • Unlike many other Laurentia, Starshine creates well- branched plants that flower without the need for long days. • This unique, early-season annual offers a touch of blue to the retail assortment and exhibits very good heat tolerance.

DIMENSIONS 8–12” W x 8–12” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Raw

Starshine ™ Blue 70002817

Starshine ™ Blue

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