Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


MAR I GOLD A FR I CAN F1 Tage t e s e rec t a Inca II ™

Long or short days, Inca II delivers. • Well-branched, intermediate-sized plants with large double blooms meet the market demand for showy, retail-ready containers. • Early flowering, even under increasing day lengths, make Inca II easily adaptable for both early or late spring production. • An outstanding choice for color and fill in sunny landscape applications.

DIMENSIONS 12–14” W x 12–14” H HABIT Upright FORMS Detailed, SatinCoat ™

Inca II ™ Yellow

Inca II ™ Deep Orange 70041091

Inca II ™ Gold 70000567

Inca II ™ Orange 70000568

Inca II ™ Primrose 70000570

Inca II ™ Yellow 70000569

Inca II ™ Mix 70000566

MAR I GOLD A FR I CAN F1 Tage t e s e rec t a Perfection ™

An impeccable garden beauty. • The landscaper’s marigold of choice for color, consistent performance, and stately height in the garden. • Sturdy plants work well in larger pots and provide instant retail and garden color. • Large, double flowers are long-lasting, shed water easily, and exhibit superior weather tolerance.

Perfection ™ Orange 70002947

DIMENSIONS 12–14” W x 14–16” H HABIT Upright FORMS Detailed, SatinCoat ™

Perfection ™ Yellow 70002948

Perfection ™ Yellow

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