Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


MAR I GOLD TR I P LO I D F1 Tage t e s t r i p l o i d Zenith ™ • This unique African-French hybrid offers an abundance of large flowers with great heat tolerance and repeat flowering. • Zenith does not set seed, promising phenomenal flower power all summer long.

DIMENSIONS 14” W x 14” H HABIT Upright FORMS Coated, Detailed

Zenith ™ Lemon Yellow

Zenith ™ Deep Orange 70092027

Zenith ™ Golden Yellow 70092025

Zenith ™ Lemon Yellow 70034268

Zenith ™ Orange 70092028

Zenith ™ Red 70034269

Zenith ™ Red & Gold 70092026

Zenith ™ Yellow 70092029

Zenith ™ Mix 70034421

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