Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


NEMES I A F1 Neme s i a f oe t ens Pretty Please ™

• A fantastic alternative to vegetative Nemesia, offering large, bold, bicolor flowers on a compact and densely-branched habit. • Sweet fragrance adds additional appeal. • Tidy, but robust plant structure is perfect for small pots and pack production.

DIMENSIONS 8–10” W x 8–10” H HABIT Upright FORMS Pelleted

Pretty Please ™ Blue Bicolor 70092168

Pretty Please ™ Pink Bicolor 70092169

NEMES I A F1 Neme s i a f oe t ens Seventh Heaven ™

• The performance of vegetative in an easier to handle seed format. • Denser and better branched foliage, as well as larger flowers, compared to other seed varieties. • Selected colors also have the added benefit of powerfully sweet fragrance.

DIMENSIONS 14–16” W x 12–14” H HABIT Upright FORMS Pelleted

Seventh Heaven ™ Mix

Seventh Heaven ™ Deep Blue 70092165

Seventh Heaven ™ Lavender Bicolor 70092167

Seventh Heaven ™ Pink 70092166

Seventh Heaven ™ White 70092164

Seventh Heaven ™ Mix 70092163

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