Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


OSTEOSPERMUM F1 Os t eo s pe rmum eck l on i s Asti ™ • Uniformly compact and branching Osteospermum, ideal for high-density growing in small pots. • Offers easy, no-pinch production with all the efficiencies of mechanical handling of seed grown plants.

DIMENSIONS 17–20” W x 17–20” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Raw

Asti ™ Purple

Asti ™ Lavender Shades 70019997

Asti ™ Purple 70007847

Asti ™ Purple Bicolor 70041361

Asti ™ White 70007848

Asti ™ Mix 70019998

Asti ™ White

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