Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


PANSY SPRE AD I NG F1 V i o l a × wi t t ro ck i ana WonderFall ™ • With the largest blooms in its class, WonderFall stands out from other spreading pansies and Violas. • Flowers cover the plant from crown to tip, creating high-impact baskets and mixed containers. • A vigorously spreading habit covers more ground in the garden than traditional pansies, offering added consumer value. • A wide range of core colors and trendy shades help drive impulse sale.

DIMENSIONS 18–30” W x 8–10” H HABIT Spreading FORMS Raw, PreNova ® 2.0

WonderFall ™ White

WonderFall ™ Blue Picotee Shades 70041128

WonderFall ™ Blue with Blotch 70034805

WonderFall ™ Purple 70034806

WonderFall ™ Lavender Picotee Shades 70041132

WonderFall ™ Purple with Face 70041134

WonderFall ™ White 70034810

WonderFall ™ Purple and Blue Shades 70041129

WonderFall ™ Rose Shades with Face 70041131

WonderFall ™ Yellow 70048754

WonderFall ™ Yellow with Blotch 70048755

WonderFall ™ Yellow with Red Wing 70041130

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