Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


PENSTEMON F1 Pens t emon ha r tweg i i Arabesque ®

• Ideal for premium programs—offers the look of a perennial with the growing ease of an annual. • Better branching with faster, more reliable crop timing than traditional Penstemon. • Strong plants are easier to handle and ship without damage.

DIMENSIONS 18–20” W x 24–30” H | HABIT Upright | FORMS Raw

Arabesque ® Appleblossom 70020707

Arabesque ® Orchid 70020703

Arabesque ® Pink 70020695

Arabesque ® Pink

Arabesque ® Red 70020697

Arabesque ® Violet 70020701

PENSTEMON F1 Pens t emon ha r tweg i i Partybells ™

The new summer snapdragon. • Best choice for high-density production—naturally dwarf habits with strong lateral branching, create a fuller colorful plant that is easier to grow. • Easy programming—schedule like an annual for summer sales. • Heat lover—thrives in hot, dry conditions. Continuous flowering spikes resist lodging.

DIMENSIONS 12–16” W x 16–18” H | HABIT Upright | FORMS Raw

Partybells ™ Red 70058326

Partybells ™ Violet 70058334

Partybells ™ Red

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