Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


PENTAS F1 Pen t a s l anceo l a t a BeeBright ™

Fastest finish for packs and small pots. • On average one week faster than the competition. • Tight uniformity and consistent compact habit across all colors. • Extremely free flowering with fast flower follow up in the greenhouse and the garden. • Available in five distinct colors including best-in-class BeeBright Red.

DIMENSIONS 12–14” W x 6–8” H | HABIT Mounded | FORMS Pelleted

BeeBright ™ Lipstick

BeeBright ™ Lipstick 70052741

BeeBright ™ Pink 70041063

BeeBright ™ Red 70052740

BeeBright ™ Violet 70070448

BeeBright ™ White 70052739

BeeBright ™ Mix 70069304

PENTAS F1 Pen t a s l anceo l a t a HoneyCluster ™

Excellent value for midsize containers. • Quick fill and fast finish for mid-to-large pots and landscape applications. • Flowers held above the foliage provide high-impact color. • Delivers the vigor and flower power to stand up to heat and make premium season extending containers.

DIMENSIONS 14–18” W x 12–14” H | HABIT Upright | FORMS Pelleted

HoneyCluster ™ Deep Rose

HoneyCluster ™ Deep Rose 70038537

HoneyCluster ™ Pink 70038536

HoneyCluster ™ Red 70041072

HoneyCluster ™ White 70038535

HoneyCluster ™ Mix 70069303

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