Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


PE TUN I A GR AND I F LOR A F1 Pe t un i a g rand i f l o ra TriTunia ™ Best of the best. • The most complete range of traditional, large flowered Petunias to meet your spring bedding needs: includes bright solids, crisp bicolors, veined, and other novelty patterns. • Ideal for both packs and pots with strong garden vigor. • Matched for uniformity in habit and flowering with a tight bloom window for easy scheduling. • Selected for earliest flowering, especially under short dark winter and early spring days.

DIMENSIONS 12–14” W x 10–12” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Raw, Pelleted

TriTunia ™ Blue 70065664

TriTunia ™ Blue Star 70065668

TriTunia ™ Blue

TriTunia ™ Blue Veined 70065676

TriTunia ™ Burgundy 70065667

TriTunia ™ Crimson Star 70065681

TriTunia ™ Fresh White 70007924

TriTunia ™ Lavender 70065666

TriTunia ™ Pink 70065685

TriTunia ™ Pink Morn 70065679

TriTunia ™ Pink Veined 70037057

TriTunia ™ Plum 70065678

TriTunia ™ Purple 70000762

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