Annuals Catalog 2020-2021 | North America


PE TUN I A MI L L I F LOR A F1 Pe t un i a mi l l i f l o ra Picobella ™ Pretty and petite. • Miniature flowers and petite plants offer a unique addition to the spring retail mix. • Easy and economical to grow—extra early flowering with no special growing regime required and no need for PGRs. • Perfect for small borders, beds, and mixed containers— strong vigor but won’t overgrow companion plants.

DIMENSIONS 8–10” W x 8–10” H HABIT Mounded FORMS Pelleted

Picobella ™ Salmon Imp.

Picobella ™ Blue 70007665

Picobella ™ Carmine 70007666

Picobella ™ Lavender Imp. 70054309

Picobella ™ Pink 70054306

Picobella ™ Red 70035048

Picobella ™ Rose 70007668

Picobella ™ Rose Morn 70024118

Picobella ™ Rose Star 70024119

Picobella ™ Salmon Imp. 70035049

Picobella ™ White 70007670

Picobella ™ Mix 70007838

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