Research Report 2019_20


The HudsonAlpha Health Alliance is delivering unique health insights through genetic testing to medical providers and employers.

only delivers test results, but also provides education to patients about their test results and facilitates commu- nication with specialists.

providers identify medications that aren't a good match so the employees can avoid the expense and potential side effects of a drug that is not working. The Muscogee (Creek) Nation (MCN), HudsonAlpha, and the Health Alliance began a collaboration in 2020 to bring health and education programs with a focus on genetics and genomics to the tribe. The program imple- ments comprehensive clinical genetic testing to citizens receiving care at MCN Department of Health (MCNDH). This includes clinical decision support for MCNDH physicians, access to the Genome Gateway for elec- tronic delivery of genetic test results, and test-specific education for patients and physicians. n

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Beginning in 2019, the Health Alliance began plan- ning several pilot programs, including an employee well- ness screening pilot program at HudsonAlpha. In early 2020, the Health Alliance and East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) in Opelika, Ala. launched a pilot program that offers genomic health screening to select EAMC employees eligible to participate in the pilot program based on their current cholesterol levels. The program is designed to test how effective the employee’s current statin medication is working to control their cholester- ol based on their individual genetic profile, as well as other health factors. This program may help health care

2019-20 Research Report 41

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