Research Report 2019_20

Neil Lamb, PhD / Educational Outreach

Genetic and genomic real-world training programs

The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is not only committed to making impactful discoveries in genom- ics and genetics that improve health and create a more sustainable world, but also to training the biotech work- force of tomorrow. Exposure to real-world research ex- perience is a valuable opportunity that is not available at every high school, college, and university. The Hudson- Alpha Educational Outreach team aims to prepare high school students, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars by offering hands-on training and internship opportunities that provide key skills and experiences in both research and corporate settings.

Building upon the strong agricultural research program at HudsonAlpha, Genes & Greens is a free, three-week summer program that gives students a first-hand look at innovative plant genome research. The program is fully funded as part of an National Science Foundation (NSF) Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) grant. Students learn the latest in molecular biology lab techniques and bioin- formatics tools relating to genetics and agriculture. The program also teaches students how genetic research is shaping the future of farming by improving agriculture and protecting the environment. The BioTrain Internship program offers students the opportunity to connect classwork with real-world job experience and gain skills and knowledge that will prepare them for careers in biotechnology and related fields. Summer positions are available for undergrad- uate through master’s level graduate students, provid- ing experiences that range from in-depth laboratory research to biotechnology marketing, communications and business strategy. Internships are offered through HudsonAlpha’s nonprofit research labs, educational, economic development and communications depart- ments as well as many of the associate companies on the HudsonAlpha campus. BioTrain interns gain skills and knowledge that prepare them for the workforce and improve their professional development skills.

Biotech Academy

Several programs at the Institute offer lab and research experience for high school students inter- ested in a career in biotechnology. For example the HudsonAlpha Biotech Academy is an intensive, four- week active learning experience for rising juniors and seniors designed to provide a strong foundation in research lab skills as well as an introduction to the latest discoveries in genetics, genomics and biotechnology. At- tendees are nominated by their school’s science depart- ment. During the program, students learn basic molecu- lar biology techniques and gain exposure to world-class scientists and cutting-edge technology. They also have the opportunity to visit research labs and associate com- panies at HudsonAlpha to explore the various careers and professions available in the field of biotechnology.


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

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