Research Report 2019_20

Elaine Lyon, PhD, FACMG

“The discoveries from genomic research are already life-changing for some, but have yet to reach their potential. We are working diligently and carefully to bring the cutting edge of research into the clinical setting.” — Elaine Lyon, PhD, FACMG Research Focus: Elaine Lyon, PhD, FACMG, is a faculty investigator at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and the co-director of the HudsonAlpha Clinical Service Lab, LLC. Her work focuses on promoting high-quality and appropriate clinical genetic testing, and utilizing clinical genomic sequencing to solve undiagnosed diseases. She continues to develop and validate genomic assays for clinical use and patient care.

Elaine Lyon, PhD

EXPERTISE: Clinical genomic medicine, whole genome sequencing

HudsonAlpha Clinical Services Lab Team: David Bick, MD, Ghuwa Nakouzi, PhD, Gabe Bien Wilner, MD, PhD, Melissa Kelly, PhD, Brett Sundolf, Kelly Williams, PhD, Matt Holt, PhD, Meghan Letson, Nadiya Sosonkina, PhD, Robert Jones, Tatiana Shvetsova, Jamicia Gay, Meghan Pool

Strategic Software Group: Scott Newberry, Director, Chris Compton, Jacob Kelly, Fariba Shaterferdosian, Wayne Schroer, Madison Vinson

Jeremy Schmutz

“We have an enormous opportunity to significantly improve the current state of humanity by better understanding a plant’s biology and its interactions with the environment.” — Jeremy Schmutz Research Focus: Jeremy Schmutz is a faculty investigator at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology and co-director of the HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center. The current focus of his research is in the field of bioen- ergy, supporting DOE initiatives related to clean energy generation. Sequence data produced at HudsonAlpha are applied to the problem of reducing the United States’ dependency on fossil fuels by improving biomass yield and the efficiencies of processes used to convert plant materials into liquid fuels.

Jeremy Schmutz

EXPERTISE: Informatics, de novo sequencing of plants, genomic-enable crop breeding, bioenergy

Lab Members: HudsonAlpha Genome Sequencing Center (see page 58)

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