Research Report 2019_20

Akinyemi Ojesina, MD, PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology at The Uni- versity of Alabama at Birmingham. His research seeks to answer two big questions: (i) what are the genomic events that facilitate the progression of pre-malignant states to cancer, (ii) how do infections synergize with genomic alterations to cause cancer? His lab integrates high throughput sequencing with functional experiments in primary tissues and cell lines to investigate the mechanisms by which infections synergize with genomic and transcriptomic alterations to facilitate the tumor initiation, pro- gression, response to therapy, recurrence and patient prognosis. This work facilitates the development of diagnostic biomarkers and predictive models for early detection, prevention and treatment of various cancers, in local and global contexts. XuWang, PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Pathobiology at Auburn University, with a focus on comparative genomics of animal health. His research investigates the genetic and epigenetic regulation of gene expression in vertebrates and insects with a focus on allelic imbalance. Alterations of allelic imbalance are often associated with human and animal diseases including cancer, imprinting syndromes, aging and hypertensive disorders during pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia. The Wang Lab is working to understand the origin, evolution and mechanism of allelic imbalance and predict how aberrant patterns of allelic imbalance are associated with disorders in human and other animals.

Akinyemi Ojesina, MD, PhD

Xu Wang, PhD

HudsonAlpha Junior Fellow

Le Su, PhD has been actively involved in sarcoma research for nearly ten years. As a junior fellow at HudsonAlpha, his major focus is on chromosomal translocation-associated sarco- magenesis in children and young adults. Lab Member: Christina Cooley

Le Su, PhD

HudsonAlpha's Scientific Advisory Board

The authority for maintaining the Institute’s founding purpose and the determinations of all other scientific matters is vested in the

HudsonAlpha Scientific Advisory Board. A world-class research institute must have a world-class Scientific Advisory Board. Eight uniquely skilled and in- ternationally known investigators have agreed to serve in this capacity.

Geoffrey Duyk MD, PhD Tom Maniatis, PhD

Barbara Wold, PhD

Val Sheffield, MD, PhD

Scott Jackson, PhD

Sharon Plon, MD, PhD

Richard Spritz, MD Louisa Stark, PhD

Faculty Investigators 65

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