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I ndustrial R eal E state & D istribution C enters By David Ward, A Greener NJ, LLC Transform your facility into a high productivity, low energy use showpiece! A Greener NJ, LLC offers a comprehen- s i ve approach t o ity. Our solutions offer very reasonable ROI paybacks (4 months to 3 years, tops!), inside with 10 hours a day 5 days a week usage! All our technologies offer

you are currently paying with your existing lighting - Immediate Positive Cash Flow ! In addition, there are tax savings and state rebates that help make this a tre- mendous business decision. Energy experts agree - lower your energy costs via equipment upgrades before installing any renewable solutions. The easiest, quick- est and most dramatic way to achieve this is through lighting upgrades. LED Lighting is, by far, the best lighting - in quality, energy efficiency and longev-

And with our Energy Sav- ings Share Program - you can use the energy and main- tenance savings to pay some of the note and then keep the rest . When the rebate comes in, you keep it. When you save money on your tax- es every quarter, you keep it. This creates Immediate Positive Cash Flow - actually better than free! This is a true Win-Win-Win scenario like never before. While LED lighting has been shown in several stud- ies to improve productivity and learning; the real gain in productivity comes through natural DAYLIGHT. A Greener NJ, LLC is proud to offer NJ/NY/PA businesses the SunTracker Active Skylight . This in- credible breakthrough in skylight technology brings in FUNCTIONAL daylight all day long. Literally, you will be able to turn OFF all your lights ALL day long. The cheapest watt is the one never used! Unlike other skylights, there is NO Heat Gain, HVAC loss, Glare or UV Damage. Just abundant, fully diffused natural light from an hour after dawn to an hour before dusk. No other skylight can compare. Under daylight, human performance soars. It only makes sense since before 1890, daylight is ALL we had. Carnegie Mellon Univer- sity has 11 studies that show the Productivity Gains under Daylight are worth 10-20 TIMES the energy savings . Again, it’s all about the people inside! True sus- tainability. We can also provide com- plete lighting automation so you always have a pre-de- termined optimal light level throughout the day, while maximizing energy savings. Just give David Ward a call at 908-240-7484 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION evaluation of your facility to see just how much you can save, how good this will look, and how much your employ- ees, management, visitors and customers will love it. Let us know how we can help you. Once again, it’s a totally free evaluation! David A. Ward is Presi- dent of A Greener NJ, LLC. n

sustainabil- ity - signifi- cant energy savings and d r a m a t i c produc t i v - i t y g a i n s , a l l w h i l e improving the value of

“All our technologies offer 60% to 90% energy savings and up to 90% maintenance savings. And our LED lighting upgrades are never a compromise just to save money.”

outstanding light distribu- tion and quality, and ex- cellent warranties and life ratings - up to 10 year war- ranties and up to 100,000 hours rated life - that’s 22 years of dusk to dawn light- ing, or as much as 30 years

60% to 90% energy savings and up to 90% maintenance savings. And our LED light- ing upgrades are never a compromise just to save money. Our solutions always provide superior lighting with tremendous savings.

David Ward

the property. We can also finance everything so you can have with zero up front costs while the monthly cost is typically LESS than what

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