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How to Choose a Corporate Trustee

Establishing a trust to build, manage and protect your wealth is a great way to ensure your assets are handled according to your wishes. It is equally important to name a trustee who has the time, interest and ability to manage it. If you are evaluating a corporate trustee, look for:     EXPERIENCE How long has the corporate trustee provided investment management and trust services?     COMMITMENT TO THE BUSINESS Consider the size and professionalism of the staff, as well as research and investment capabilities. Have they made investments in their business (e.g., technology) to better serve you?     COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR FAMILY Do you foresee a long-term relationship with the team that is serving you? Do they specialize in the areas of trust management most relevant to your family’s needs?     CUSTOMIZATION Will the corporate trustee take the time to get to know you and your family, and create an individualized investment plan to help you reach your goals instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach?     CLARITY Does this company have a defined investment strategy? Are you comfortable with it? Are statements and investment performance reports clear and concise? Do you understand how fees are charged, and are you comfortable with the method?    ACCESSIBILITY Will you have a local team? Are they responsive when you reach out to them?     PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION Will the corporate trustee bring new ideas and opportunities to your attention?     ACCESS TO SPECIALISTS In addition to investment management and trust administration, does the team have access to specialists in estate planning, charitable giving strategies, fiduciary taxation, real estate management, private banking, closely held companies and other special assets?     ACCOUNTABILITY Will your accounts be reviewed by internal and external auditors to ensure compliance with sound fiduciary principles? Commerce Trust Company has teams of experienced professionals who meet all these criteria and are ready to help you build, manage and protect your wealth.

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