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LIVE PAIN FREE A herniated disc doesn’t always cause symptoms -- but when it does, it can prevent you from playing your favorite sport, driving comfortably, performing your essential job tasks, or even getting a decent night’s sleep. The good news is that you can get the treatment you need without resorting to major surgery or relying on heavy painkilling drugs. Here at Advanced Physical Therapy, we can employ conservative treatment techniques to help you ease pressure on your spine and regain lost function in your neck, back or extremities. Let’s take a look at how you can conquer your herniated disc issues the natural way.

inner disc material. As the disc loses its “filling,” it starts to flatten outward, with more than 25 percent of the outer casing (the annulus fibrosus) poking out from the spinal column. In a herniated disc, a weakness or breach in the disc’s outer casing results in less than 25 percent of the disc extending outward. The breach may also allow the inner material to leak out, a condition called extrusion. The bulging section of a herniated disc may cause no symptoms as long it makes no contact with the surrounding spinal structure. If the disc pushes against major nerve roots, however, it can interfere with the normal passage of nerve signals. That’s when you experience low back pain, neck pain, and neurological problems in your arms or legs.

ANNOYING SYMPTOMS AND DEBILITATING PHYSICAL CHALLENGES As explained inside this newsletter, a herniated disc is a bulge in one of the cartilaginous discs that cushions your spinal vertebrae. It’s not quite the same thing as a bulging disc, however, at least not in the strictest medical sense of the term. A bulging disc is a protrusion caused by dehydration of the fluid-based

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