Portable 2X3 Downdraft Table by Clean Air Industries

Eliminate dangerous fume and dust in your facility with the Portable 2x3 Downdraft Table from Clean Air Industries. Get product details.


The Clean Air Industries Portable 2×3 DowndraftTable is the perfectsolution if you’re looking forquick& efective source capture ofweld fum e and grinding dusts. W ith best-in-class airflow, welders & finishers are able to sim ply walk up the table and getto workquicklyand safely. This unitofers up to 265 FPM ofcapture velocity on the table surface.Thisensures weld smoke & fumes are captured at source,com plying with OSHA workplace guidelines. W ith itscom pactplug-&-playform factor, the 2X3 DowndraftTable isan afordable, of-the-shelfsolution to keep workers and studentssafefrom harm fulwelding sm oke & fum esorgrinding & finishing dust.

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ProductBenefits •Elim inatesdustand fum e from yourenvironm ent •Rem ovesharm fulparticlesincluding bacteria •Main filterlife exceedsthe industrystandard •Fire Suppression Available

KeyProductFeatures •1200 CFM /265 FPM ofairflow

•Solid 12-gauge powdercoated steelconstruction. • Autom atic Tim ed Pulse FilterCleaning system : The filtercleanerengagesautom aticalybased on usage so you don’tneed to wory aboutkeeping yourfilters clean. • Plasm a KitAvailable: Ifyou’re doing m anualplasm a cuting,we have a kitthatlets you take care ofthe heavy fume with a strong fire suppression and m itig a tio n kit. • Side& BackW als: Hinged sideand backwalscom e included with the unit.Ifyou are working on a slightly largerpiece,openup thesideand backwalsto m ake m ore room . • Custom Designs & ModularConfigurations: Clean Air Industries can m odify units to fit your specific application •By using a DowndraftTable,you capture the fum es before they can reach yourbreathing zone.you can keep yourwelding hood lenses clean so you’re not having to constantlyreplace them . •Lightkitisincluded FilterInform ation The Portable 2x3Portable DownDraftTable hasa steel anti-spark bafle to help arest heavy sparks from welding.The nextstage offiltration is a m etalm esh prefilter folowed by a high quality 80/20 blend Celulose/PolyesterCartridge Filterto capture welding sm oke and fum es. Forfiltertechincalspecifications,see page 4


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Typical Applications

•Manual Welding •Hand Plasma Cutting •Grinding, Polishing and Finishing •Educational Welding Labs

Health & Safety Exposure to weld smoke & fumes and grinding dust can pose several serious health hazards. Here are just a few of the potential health risks associated with exposure to these pollutants:

•Respiratory Issues •Lung Damage •Metal Fume Fever •Neurological Effects

Regulatory Complance Health and safety issues are being taken very seriously by a growing number of companies as OSHA, International, and industry standards increase. Many large us manufacturers are planning ahead and adopting European exposure limits as a global standard for their entire company and are exceeding OSHA Standards. To meet these standards companies must implement a highly efficient dust and fume filtration system to filter out the harmful particulate. The exposure limits these companies are targeting range from .02 - l mg/m3 depending on company policy, well below the 5 mg/m3 standard set by OSHA.

Warranty info

All Clean Air Industries units are backed by a standard 10-year manufacturer’s warranty*. We guarantee that the major structural components of the goods will be free from defects in material and workmanship for ten (10) years from the date of shipment. * This warranty does not cover consumable parts, fuses, filters, or other non-structural components. For warranty details, visit our website: https:// clean-air.com/warranty




PORTABLE2X3DOW NDRAFTTABLE TechnicalSpecifications

PREFILTER •MetalMesh SparkArestor •Part# F01770-S




USER& MAINTENANCEMANUAL To learn how to properlyoperate and m aintain thisunit, scan the QR code to instantlyaccessyour userand m aintenance m anual. Contact us for replacement filtersand partsorservice. M AIN FILTERCARTRIDGE •80 /20 Blend Celulous/Polyester •180 sq.ft.offiltering m edia •Part# F000FD


13.84” O.D.




*Please note thatthe dim ensions provided are based on ourbase m odels and m ay vary depending on selected features.To ensure accurate shipping quotes,kindlycontactusforpersonalized inform ation thatconsidersyourchosen productfeaturesand custom izations.Feelfree to reach outwith anyquestionsorto requesta personalized shipping quote.W e are com m ited to yoursatisfaction and lookforward to helping you!

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