BHC Newsletter Autumn FINAL

Rebecca Carroll Programme Manager, Beef HealthCheck Programme

Beef HealthCheck programme update

Beef HealthCheck information is now available on ICBF! You can view liver and lung lesion results for slaughtered cattle from your herd online through the ICBF website. This new Beef HealthCheck dashboard provides you with tools to search and analyse the information for your farm. The ‘summary graph’ allows you to instantly see any problems found in your cattle’s livers or lungs at slaughter and a ‘fluke graph’ shows liver fluke scores on a month by month basis. You can dig deeper and view results at batch and individual animal level. Farmers are encouraged to discuss their Beef HealthCheck results with their veterinary practitioner and to facilitate this you can share your results with your own veterinary practitioner through the ICBF website. To help access, interpret and share the Beef HealthCheck information on the ICBF website, here is a ‘Step By Step Guide to viewing Beef HealthCheck data on ICBF’. This leaflet is also available on our website: [Click here] Beef HealthCheck Farmer Events AHI is delighted to announce that we are running 5 Beef HealthCheck events for farmers in October. The theme for the events will be animal health at housing and we will have experts speaking on the topics of pneumonia, parasite control, Beef HealthCheck reports and antimicrobial resistance. These topics are timely as cattle are housed over

the coming weeks. Healthy animals at housing is the key to ensuring cattle will thrive during the winter and maximise weight gain. AHI are running these event across the country in conjunction with Meat Industry Ireland, Teagasc and the Department of Agriculture (DAFM). The events are approved by DAFM as KT Group National Events. See page 3 to find an event near you.




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