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Take Charge of Your Productivity with 30/30 GET TIME ON YOUR SIDE

Time is of the essence. You only have so much of it every day to get things done. And when you a mounting list of things to do, you can easily lose track of time. 30/30, a task management app available on the iPhone and iPad, changes that. At its core, 30/30 is a timer — but it’s no ordinary timer. It’s a task manager- timer hybrid. When you have a lot to get done, the app can assign time to each task.

30/30 is a way to visualize your day, and because we are visual creatures by nature, the timer feature adds a sense of urgency to your tasks. It helps you maintain a steady focus on what you need to get done. Once your task list and timers are set, you can organize your day with a flick of your finger. Prioritize tasks any way you wish. Then, simply tap the task, followed by the timer, to begin. If you do not complete a task in the allotted time, the app alerts you that it’s time to move one to the next task, while bumping the incomplete task to the bottom of the list (which you can move as needed). You can add or subtract time, if you need to give yourself an extra few minutes.

The 30/30 is simple, yet effective, tool to keep you on task and moving through your day. The app is free and available on the App Store.

First, you create a task (or list of tasks), then you assign a time limit for each task.

If you only want to spend 20 minutes checking email, give yourself 20 minutes. You can customize exactly how much time you want to spend on any given task.

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