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A LOOK AT MY FAVORITE LOCAL PIZZA JOINTS HAPPY NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH! It’s no secret that Americans are obsessed with pizza. According to Brandon Gaille, 350 slices of the stuff are sold in the U.S. every second , to the tune of 3 billion pies a year. Those numbers are crazy, but to be honest, they don’t really surprise me — I love digging into a deep-dish slice as much as the next guy. That’s why I’ve decided to use this month’s newsletter to celebrate National Pizza Month and share a list of my favorite pizzerias. If you’re ever in the Cedar Rapids area, you’ve got to check these spots out. I promise you won’t regret it! 1. ZOEY’S PIZZERIA Zoey’s is my family’s favorite pizza place. It’s a small, locally owned shop in the middle of downtown Marion, located in a building that was probably built around 1900. With seating for about 40 people, tops, almost every night there’s a line out the door of folks waiting to get in. In the winter when the temperatures drop below zero, people pack into the entrance of the shop like a bunch of sardines. Driving by, you know they’re there because you can see outlines of all the people waiting behind the foggy, iced over windows, hoping for a table to open up. I’m not one of those folks who will stand outside for 45 minutes and wait, so we usually get carryout. My favorite pie is called The Zoey, which is their version of a supreme Chicago deep-dish pizza. It comes loaded with pepperoni, ham, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, onions, and extra cheese, and for me, it has to be deep dish. I don’t mind the thin crust, but I have to do deep dish 9 times out of 10. At Zoey’s, they don’t skimp on their Chicago-style pies, either: A box with one pizza in it feels like it weighs 10 pounds! I’m a meat guy, but, if the kids are along, they’ll add a veggie pizza to our order, too. 2. TOMASO’S PIZZA If we strike out at Zoey’s because the line is too long or there’s a two-hour wait for carry-out, we’ll pop around the corner to Tomaso’s Pizza, another locally owned spot that does Chicago-style, Detroit-style, and New York-style pies. My favorite thing to order there is the Chicago deep-dish pie with feta cheese — it’s a topping you can’t get just anywhere, and the unique flavor keeps me and Gina coming back.

3. HAPPY JOE’S PIZZA & ICE CREAM Happy Joe’s is an Iowa-based chain with 61 restaurants, but the same family has owned its Cedar Rapids

outposts since the ‘70s. It gets a spot on my list because the Canadian bacon and sauerkraut pizza is the best in town. The combination sounds a bit odd, but don’t knock it until you try it! If you like sauerkraut, you’ll be hooked just like we were when a friend recommended the combination.


4. URBAN PIE Urban Pie gets an honorable mention because its Canadian bacon and sauerkraut pizza is almost as good as the one at Happy Joe’s. Plus, it has a location in Marion where I live, so it’s only a quick car trip away! I could talk about pizza all day — really, the only thing that rivals my love of food is my passion for hunting down investment properties. If you’ve got questions investing (or about the pizzerias on my list), don’t hesitate to give me a call. You can reach me by calling 319-350-5378 or visiting DarinGarman.com. –Darin Garman

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