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compensate. You may need to adjust naptime or add naps to help your child get the rest they need throughout the day when they’re starting a new routine. Make sure exercise is a part of the routine, as well, especially during transitional times. Physical activity helps the body sleep better by producing the hormones we need to keep everything running smoothly. Since outdoor time is also essential to sleeping well, try combining the two. You can go for a walk or play a game of tag in the yard — just don’t do it right before bedtime, as this may make it harder for kids to fall asleep. Getting natural light each day helps your child’s body produce the melatonin they need to fall and stay asleep. An afternoon walk on a sunny fall day can do wonders for everyone. You’ll also get a mood boost from the sun’s rays and the chemicals produced during exercise. You can even turn your walk into a leaf-finding adventure for a craft project when you get home or a fun neighborhood scavenger hunt to challenge their brains! A lot of what happens during the day contributes to good sleep. So, as you’re moving into your fall routine, get off to the best start by easing into it and creating a structure that allows your child to sleep well and start each day feeling refreshed.

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3 Ways to Save on Trendy Back-to-School Buys

S hopping online is tricky in the best of times, but it’s doubly trying when your kids’ opinions are involved. If back-to-school shopping is challenging in your house, try these tricks to hunt down the backpack, pencil bag, and lunchbox the kiddos are begging for without going over budget. 1. OPT FOR SECONDHAND OR REFURBISHED ITEMS. If your kid is dying to have the same Parkland Kingston Plus Backpack that celebrities’ kids were flaunting last year, you might be able to snag one secondhand for half the price. The same goes for the popular PLAE Max Shoes or even electronics like iPads. Check out online retailers like JemJem or Gazelle for refurbished electronics, and try the Poshmark app for bags, shoes, and clothes. If you really want to get fancy, visit for luxury- brand clothing. 2. ALWAYS CHECK DISCOUNT APPS ANDWEBSITES. If you’re not at least Googling “[store name] coupon code” before checking out online, you’re probably missing out on big savings. Visit popular coupon websites like RetailMeNot and Groupon, or streamline your search by downloading a money-saving browser extension or app like Honey, which automatically checks for coupon codes and offers price comparisons. Other apps, like Flipp, let you view deals from dozens of stores in one place. Remember

to see if your favorite store has its own app, too — downloading it could grant you access to exclusive deals. 3. DON’T FORGET TO FACTOR IN SHIPPING. If you shop internationally, shipping can sometimes double the cost of an order. To save money, choose domestic retailers and check each website or app for shipping specials and discounts. Many websites offer free or reduced shipping for first-time customers or orders over a certain dollar amount. If you choose to shop somewhere without such a discount, check the shipping costs and factor them into your budget before you shop to avoid nasty surprises. If your kids are old enough, consider talking them through this process as you shop. Who knows, this could be a great back-to-school lesson in budgeting!

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