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Points of Pride: x Newfound Regional High School is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEAS&C) x Paul Hoiriis was named Assistant Principal of the Year in 2015 x Significant district wide facilities improvements have been made over the past few years x NHCS’ PTO has fundraised and replaced the playground x Bridgewater-Hebron Village School was named as a 2014 Circle of Excellence School x The District has 28 years of support for our Community Musical x The Bertha Brown Prize Speaking Night at Danbury Elementary School is in its 52 nd year x Bristol Elementary School holds an annual 4 th and 5 th grade Science Fair x Consistent volunteer support is evident in all of our schools x Peter Dumont (NRHS) was named the Environmental Educator of the Year in 2017 x The O’Malley Greenhouse was installed at NRHS in 2016 x The BHVS Greenhouse sustains a gardening program through community volunteers x Barbara Kelly was named the School Nurse of the Year in 2017 x Destination Imagination Teams have won State, National, and Global Awards x Bristol Elementary School is starting its first National Honor Society Chapter x NRHS was named the 2010 School of Excellence x NRHS music department earned more than 11 awards at the Music Showcase Festival in 2016 x The middle school and high school have successful sports teams including girls basketball and volleyball. All other teams continue to develop.

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