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“Don helped me when I was rear-ended last year in October. He fought for everything he could for me. He is now handling a separate case, and I know I’m in good hands.” –Melissa Cook “The staff was very nice, professional, and attentive. They made me feel very comfortable on my first visit.” –Elizabeth Amezquita “He explains the law and your options in plain English (se habla español), and he helps you make the best decision for the short or long run.” –Alfredo Vampi Perez “I had a wreck that turned into a lawsuit. Mr. McClure did a fantastic job helping me get everything in order and resolved!” –Christian “This lawyer is no doubt the best. He really is a very honest and sincere man. He saved my life and got my DWI case dismissed as of today. Mr. McClure did everything in his power to make sure my case turned out as successful as possible, and what a job he did. I will forever be thankful for having him represent me. I learned my lesson. I will definitely be hiring him to try to get my expungement two years from now. Thank you once again, Mr. Don E. McClure, Jr. I will be recommending you for as long as I live.” –Cardona THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING US WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS

It’s the most wonderful time of year, when family reunites for meals, festivities, and nostalgia. You get to see loved ones a lot during this special time — sometimes too much. Between family dinners, gifts, and parties, there’s also a lot of money exchanged. Do your relatives always manage to get you to pick up the check with the promise that they’ll “get you next time,” except they never do? If you relate a little too much to “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’s” family dynamics and are one waiter’s tip away from blowing a fuse, a money transfer app is what you need. Check out the pros and cons of these tools to avoid the awkward conversation and make getting your money back easy. Paypal One of the original money transfer sites, Paypal offers a user-friendly platform that thousands of businesses already use. Set up an account in a few steps and Paypal is ready to get you your money. It has a “Request Money” tab to send a friendly reminder to Cousin Joe that you’re waiting on the $50 you footed at Olive Garden. One drawback? If the person you request money from doesn’t have an account, they’ll have to set one up, which could be a deterrent to already reluctant debtors. Venmo Download Venmo on your phone, and after several account setup steps, you can add friends and send and receive payments. Venmo is fast, but not without cons. For one, there’s an automatic public setting that makes transactions viewable to anyone on Venmo — almost like a Facebook post of who is paying whom for what. You can make this information private; just be sure to change your settings. Square Cash Square Cash functions similarly to Paypal and Venmo, but you don’t have to have an account, which makes it potentially the best option to get procrastinators to send your money. No account, no excuses. The bottom line: While all these money transfer tools can make payments easier, they still don’t guarantee people will follow through. To avoid stress and conflict this holiday season, have conversations upfront about how the bill will be paid, whether it’s taking turns paying the sum or Venmo-ing each other when the check arrives. We all have our phones with us, so encourage tab-averse family members to hit download so they go to dinner with the mindset that they’ll get you this time. How You Can Finally Get Cousin Joe to Split the Bill

At the Law Office of Don E. McClure, Jr., we treat our clients like family, because many of you are family or have been referred by family! Almost every client we have can be traced back to our family tree. As a

result, your case is not just business, it’s personal! That’s why every

referral you send our way makes a difference. We get to help even more people and our family tree continues to grow. And for that, thank you for your referrals and thank you for trusting us to not only help you, but to help the people you care about.



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