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the evolving needs of our eco-conscious customers.

As we embark on another exciting gardening season, I am thrilled to share that this year, we are proud to unveil our new product innovations and collaborations that promise to elevate your sales. Our commitment to excellence is reflected not only in the array of new products from our brands but also in the strengthened partnerships with renowned brands, ensuring that our offerings are at the forefront of quality, innovation, and price. One of the highlights of this season is the introduction of our Webb Rear Roller range of lawnmowers, a product that has been eagerly anticipated by many of our customers. The incorporation of the classic rear roller not only adds a touch of elegance to your lawn with attractive striped patterns but also enhances stability and control during the mowing process. With this range, achieving a professional finish is no longer a challenge but a seamless and enjoyable task. In addition to the Webb Rear Roller range, we are pleased to present the new Webb Eco range of garden machinery. This collection is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology. Featuring long-lasting interchangeable advanced 20v Lithium-ion batteries, the Webb Eco range ensures a more environmentally friendly and versatile gardening experience. Embrace the future of gardening with products designed to meet

We are excited about the new partnership with Norwegian pressure washer specialist AVA, whose product lines are designed and built on a sustainable ethos: durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. The full range of AVA products are now available to order. AVA’s offerings align seamlessly with our commitment to delivering products that stand the test of time. I am also delighted to announce that this year comes with improved margins and discounts, with our dealer monthly promotions, offering you even greater value for your investment.

Thank you for choosing Handy.

Best wishes, M ark

Mark Moseley | Handy Sales & Marketing Director

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