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TEACHER’S DAY What Teachers Taught Me

to you, know that you grew from that moment. It pushed you to improve yourself and helped you become the better person you are today. Whether you’re simply living your life or in a formal setting like a classroom, you learn lessons. I consider myself a forever learner. Even though I don’t go to school anymore, I am constantly searching for ways to educate myself in all aspects of my life: business, entrepreneurship, how to be the best parent for Joseph, and even how to be better at golf. Learning is central to living a productive and eventful life, and it’s not something I take for granted. It’s because of my teachers that I value education so much. In fact, this appreciation is why I became a teacher myself. I wanted to make a difference in students’ lives and show them that education is not only essential but also fun. The instance that made me switch professions actually happened in a classroom. I was teaching my 10th grade English class, and we were re-enacting “12 Angry Men.” I had set up my whole classroom to look like a courtroom and had the kids acting up front at the conference table in a jury room. Through acting certain scenes out, I would explain to them the legal process, and it was then that it hit me how passionate I was about the legal field. As a result, I left teaching to become a lawyer. There’s a part of me that misses being in the fray, engaging students, and making a difference in their lives. I would probably still be teaching without a problem if I hadn’t found a love for law. But after

There’s one holiday this month that hits close to home for me. Teacher’s Day is a wonderful holiday when students can thank their teachers for everything they’ve done for them. Being a teacher myself for many years, I can’t help but think about what led me to that profession and how much fun I had teaching. As I’ve mentioned before, I always wanted to be a lawyer, but I was also drawn to education. I looked up to my teachers throughout my childhood, as well as in college. It’s actually difficult to say if I had a favorite teacher or coach in school because I was influenced by every teacher I had. My teachers taught me that education is the foundation of life. We don’t have a choice when it comes to gaining knowledge; everyone is learning something new every single day. If you think back to a mistake you made or something good that happened

my two passions intersected in that lesson, I got that last push to follow the path that led me to where I am today.

“It’s actually difficult to say if I had a favorite


teacher or coach in school because I was influenced by every teacher I had.”

To celebrate Teacher’s Day, our office is throwing a small contest for the next couple months! We want to offer our readers a chance to tell us about their favorite teacher and why. Then, from the stories we receive, we’ll select one. The winner will receive a pair of movie tickets from us, and their teacher will be sent a thank-you gift. If you’re interested in participating, contact our offices today to learn more!

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