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July 2017

Dear ZPT friends,

Midsummer greetings! How are you doing? Enjoying the extended days, the beautiful sunsets, patriotic parades, outdoor concerts, a cool swim in the pool, family vacations? Are your 4-H projects turned in? (that last one was from my younger days!) Today I am in “mulch recovery mode”…you know…when you’ve spent time outside digging, lifting, squatting, reaching, bending – all for the sake of a few lovely plants, bushes, a tree, a landscape outside your home or at a friend’shome.Ugh! Iaudiblymoanandgroanafterover-doing it–mybackandhips feel thestrain. Must. Rest. I first discovered my lower back arthritis when I was in my late thirties after having a DEXA scan which revealed evidence of deterioration. Since then I have known to “be careful” while lifting, pushing and pulling, use good body mechanics, and don’t try to be superwoman and lift too much weight. The LAST thing I want to do is make my back condition worse! Therefore, here in the July ZPT Gazette, I am revealing a few of Elaine’s Secrets to Living with Arthritis, and Remaining Active: ELAINE MORRISON Owner


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1. After bending or lifting or mulching, go to Recovery Position, lying on floor with lower legselevatedandsupportedoncouch.Remainhereseveralminutes, repeating prayers, moaning loud enough for family members, including dogs, to notice and empathize. 2.Rollbackon foam roller.Yes, it isalmost likeyourphysical therapistmobilizing your spine, except the roller does not care for you. It is just there for you at any hour. 3. Inversion Table: basement device at home, purchased at Costco. Much like traction, but funner (new word), as you hang from your ankles at an angle, on purpose. Tested in our family by members ages 20 to 92. 4.Variousexercises:atmyage,yogaseems tohelp themost,since itcombines bodyawareness,breathing,withplentyofstretches,balancework,strengthening andspinalstabilization. Ialsodowalking, jogging,elliptical trainerorbikingas tolerated tomaintaincardiacand respiratoryendurance,and toburnadequate calories toeatbrownies.Or,uh,veggies.Yes,whole foodsand lotsofvegetables.

So, there you have it…”secrets” revealed! This month’s newsletter aptly focuses on arthritis, primarily osteoarthritis of the lower spine, hips and knees. In our practice, here at ZPT, we see these conditions quite often, and in some cases, it is difficult to determine which joint is causing the most pain. There are specific patterns that joint pain typically travels when the source is the spine vs. the hips, vs. the knees. Our physical therapists can discern the difference. Here are a few symptoms you might be experiencing that point to possible arthritic changes: • Difficulty fully bending or straightening the knee or hip (folded knee pulled up to chest) • Pain with weight bearing, standing, or walking (can be pain in the groin or in the front or back of the thigh) • Swelling, tenderness or heat emanating from a joint • Sudden, transient feeling of leg not supporting your body weight • Stiffness in the back, hips, or knees, especially in the mornings or after prolonged sitting or standing. • Grinding or popping sounds in joint when moved (may or may not be painful, just noisy). If this sounds like your daily experience, consider a visit to ZPT and let us help you find a good recovery position, a few good manual or mechanical helps to reduce your pain, and some appropriate exercises for your unique situation. Arthritis does not have to slow you down to a grinding halt. You may just discover some great methods to manage it. So you can go…watch a sunset.

Patient Success SPOTLIGHT I'm back working part time at the golf course! "There was weakness in my left thigh, stiffness in my lower back and general lack of flexibility in my hips and lower back. After physical therapy at ZPT, I’m back working part time at the golf course: cutting greens and tees all with no pain. I’m also rolling greens and lifting thecart ramp, twenty timesaday, as the roller is loaded and unloaded for each green including practice greens. I'm planning to play some golf this summer as well thanks to Katie and Taylor!” - Robert C.

Best regards, Elaine P.S. The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1


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