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Solar panels are becoming common fixtures across Eastern Ontario, where large-scale

operations, such as this one near Fournier, are being established in rural areas.

Area schools slip in rankings

ongoingassessmentsconducted byteachers

Rockland District High School has

and principals, as well as that furnished by

stood out in the latest Fraser Institute

the Education Quality and Accountability


Office, and other district assessments. The

The only area high school to improve

ranking of schools, on a comparative basis

its ratings since last year, RDHS shot up


from 130 th

to 79th in the think tank’s

rankings), does not offer a precise

Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary




Schools which assesses 727 institutions

where improvement efforts should be

in the province.

directed and, as such, is regarded by our

The Rockland school scored 7.8, better

staff as having limited use. We don’t teach

than the 7.5 average it has maintained

schools, we teach students. It is more

over the last five years.

accountable and useful to use data that


measures achievement on a student by

down on the list.

student basis. The data we receive from

Rankings for other schools, with their

EQAO is far richer and more valuable in

five-year average in brackets, are:

informing our efforts than the simple rank

Russell High, 225 (165)

ordering of schools provided by the Fraser

OsgoodeTownshipHigh,Metcalfe 225




Chloé Lafrenière (12 ans), de l’école Saint-Michel à Montebello, est l’heureuse gagnante du Concours Pizza. FÉLICITATIONS!

Glengarry District High School,


Alexandria 225 (223);

“Our report card is the No. 1 source for

Embrun High School, 253 (73);

objective, reliable information about how

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High


School, Russell, 265 (194);


Char-Lan, Williamstown, 309 (246);

Institute associate director of school

Le Relais, Alexandria, 309 (365);

performance studies and co-author of the

Hawkesbury Catholic, 351 (301);


Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute, 351




Casselman, 371 (105);


Plantagenet, 547 (515);

a ‘motion picture’ indicating whether a

North Dundas, Chesterville, 595 (426);


Le Sommet, Hawkesbury, 623 (559).

The idea is that every school is capable of


improvement, and that everybody should

rankings. The Fraser Institute touts the

have easy access to clear, up-to-date

report card as an objective yard-stick;

information about the performance of


schools provincewide.”


Thomas says that one purpose of the

The Upper Canada District School


Board says the numbers are of little value.

that have improved, and encourage them


to share their recipe for success.

study that provides information leading

“When two different schools have

to improvements in teaching and

student populations with similar personal

learning,” the board’s Associate Director,

and family characteristics, but there’s a big

Ian Carswell, said in a press release.

gap in exam results, parents and educators

“The most valuable information we

should be looking for ways to reduce this

consider is derived from the regular and

disparity,” Thomas said.

New service at Residence


The Prescott-Russell Residence offers a respite service for those caring for

handicapped or elderly people.

The Residence, at 1020 Cartier Boul., Hawkesbury, offers two private rooms for short-

term stays. They are designed to comfortably host handicapped persons and elderly



attention. The Prescott-Russell Residence offers peace of mind to natural caregivers who

devote themselves to the wellbeing of their loved one on a daily basis by giving them the

opportunity to take a break while the affected person is cared for. “A respite program is

essential in our community in order to support natural caregivers and offer them a well

deserved break while the sick person receives high quality and specialized nursing care

at the Residence,” says Gary Barton, President of the Residence Committee andMayor of

Champlain Township. The maximum length of a short term stay is 60 consecutive days

and a total of 90 days per year. The maximum length of stay is calculated on a 12 month

period. For information on the short-term stay program or to reserve a room, call

Community Care Access Centre at 613-310-2222 for service in English or 613-936-1171 or

613-310-2272 for service in French.

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