So what do you make of the way our

With Julie Bourgeois carrying the red

“political landscape” has changed?

banner for the first time, the Liberals saw


their popular vote drop from 37 per cent to

blue Conservative and orange New

31 per cent.

Democratic Party waves rolled across the

Well, the people have spoken and the

country May 2.

numbers don’t lie. They tell us clearly that

Unless you are a political junkie, you are

about 50 per cent of the people who voted

relieved that the latest federal election

May 2 are pleased with Pierre Lemieux.


We can look forward to being campaign-

definitely has improved, literally. Now that

free for at least four years, at the federal

A multi-coloured landscape

all that political propaganda has been


removed, the countryside looks so much


neater, cleaner and greener. Plus, there are

Parliament. That was a fabrication by the

brief — an Ontario election will be held in

As they say in sports, statistics are for

fewer distractions for drivers. And all those

opposition, he said.

the fall.

losers. You find that harsh? Sure. But this is

campaign signs were competing with the


not a nice exercise, people.

Garage Sale notices and real estatemarkers.

because he was easily re-elected, again.

One encouraging figure, however, is that

Greens look

And, it is now safe to watch TV

And the voters, or at least half of them,

the voter turnout was good — 57,704 of


like Lemieux. And what is there not to like?

84,347 voters showed up, for a participation


He is photogenic and affable.

rate of 68.4 per cent. In 2008, the turnout was

ahead to

Ignatieff. When he visited Glengarry-

Some of his personal beliefs and some of

about 66 per cent.

Prescott-Russell, Iggy did not look evil.

his party’s policies may be scary to some

The tallies were disappointing for all the

Nobody was turned to stone; babies did not

people. But the winners make the rules.

non-elected, obviously.


howl; cows kept yielding their milk.

That is the way democracy works.



In the span of five years, this federal

was Green Party candidate Sylvie Lemieux,

Ignatieff, that foreigner, was just waiting for

riding that was once considered a Liberal




fortress has become a Tory stronghold.

Denis Séguin did not even take a day off

while we slept.

Sowe now live in a Conservative region.

work and he still got more votes than


If you want to blend in, we had better get

Sylvie Lemieux is trying to ensure that

Lemieux, who was out there pounding the



the Green Party in Glengarry-Prescott-

pavement during the run-up to the election.

hatchet job is complete.”


Russell is well represented in the

The NDP was “greener” than the Green

That is just another reasonwhy the party

We have to start calling up open-line radio

upcoming provincial election.


needs amakeover. If you can’t stand having

talk shows and blasting Jack Layton, David

Lemieux, who has just completed her

this region.

your image and words twisted, you had

Suzuki, Dalton McGuinty and all the other

second campaign as a federal Green

Wait a minute – that absent candidate

better get out of politics.

Communists who are trying to save trees

candidate, is now recruiting a Green

approach may not be all that loopy after all.


and feeding us lies about climate change.

representative for the October 6 provincial

In fact, in Argenteuil-Papineau-Mirabel,

there seemed to be something lacking. After

And by the way, how is your corporate


few voters have actually seen the new NDP

a month-long campaign, we had grown

tax today?

“We will work together for a Greener

Member of Parliament who knocked off

accustomed to the pitches and the political


approach to democracy,” comments

veteran Bloc Québécois MP Mario


although he is very popular, did not take



Fortunately, for Glengarry-Prescott-

every ballot cast in GPR.



Russell Conservative MP Pierre Lemieux,

He got 28,144 votes or 49 per cent of all

In the 2007 provincial election in GPR,

vote drop from 5 per cent in 2008 to 3.7 per

who deftly sticks to one tight script,

ballots cast. That gave hima huge, massive,

Green standard bearer Karolyn Pickett got

cent, while the New Democrats’ percentage

familiarity does not breed contempt.

comfortable 10,000-vote margin of victory

2,348 votes, or 5.8 per cent of the popular

shot up from 10 per cent to 17 per cent.

Contempt? Who used the C word? Want




to get smeared, buster?

or 31 per cent of the popular vote.

That was an improvement over the total


During the campaign, Lemieux insisted,

If you combine the totals for the other

in 2003, when Green candidate Louise


with a straight face, that the Conservatives

candidates, more people voted against

Pattington picked up 1,471 ballots, of 3.35


were never found guilty of contempt of

Lemieux than for him.

per cent of all votes cast.

really have changed!)


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