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“Shoulder Relief Is Possible With The Right Guidance!” 3 WAYS TO BEAT ACHY SHOULDERS

The rotator cuff is made up of 4 muscles that are small, but vital to keeping the ball stable in the socket. When these muscles are weak or injured, the ball can jam up into the socket of the shoulder blade, causing inflammation and pain. Try these simple actions to improve the health of your shoulders and alleviate that nagging ache or sharp pain for good. 1. Sit up tall! – The number one reason for repetitive injury and pain in the shoulders is poor posture. When the ball moves forward in the socket, the rotator cuff becomes vulnerable to injury! There is less space for the muscles which can then get “pinched.”The muscles are also overstretched, making them weaker. 2. Strengthen your rotator cuff muscles – By keeping your rotator cuff muscles strong, you help guide your shoulder joints, lessening the chance for injury and inflammation to occur. A simple exercise to perform is while sitting or standing, keep elbows at your side bent to 90 degrees and thumbs up. Push your hands out like opening a newspaper. Repeat 10 times.

3. Improve your scapula stability – The shoulder blade makes up an important part of your shoulder complex. It has many different muscles attached to it, pulling at just the right time for proper shoulder movement. Improve the shoulder blade muscles by frequently firing them. In a sitting or standing position, drop your shoulders slowly down and back. This wakes up those important muscles which help guide the shoulder blade when using your arm. Perform 10-15 repetitions, holding the contraction for 5 seconds frequently throughout the day.

PATIENT SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTS I am so grateful for the results I have gotten! “I had a lot of pain on my shoulder when I first started physical therapy at Back to Action. Before therapy I was unable to lift my arm, comb my hair or sleep on my left side. Now I am able to do all of those things without pain. My therapy exercises seemed difficult at first, but I knew it was for my own good because now I feel better. I recommend this place because the staff is very professional and everyone treated me great everyday.This is a great service and I am so grateful for the results I have gotten. If I need therapy in the future, I will request to be treated at Back to Action.” - Beartriz M.

I now have less pain and improved shoulder mobility! “I was referred to physical therapy after completing my radiation treatment after my lumpectomy. I complained to my

doctor about having increased right shoulder pain and stiffness despite doing stretches and exercises at home. He recommended I start physical therapy. I wasn’t sure if therapy was going to help me, but I had a great experience here at Back to Action. The therapist was able to work with me in a private treatment room to work on my scar tissue and stretch my shoulder. On my last treatment, the therapist took some measurements and showed me all of my progress. I now have less pain and improved shoulder mobility. Thank you!” - M.S.

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