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Feeling Renewed atAnyAge 2 Ways to Revive Your Life This Summer

If the mercurial spring weather has prevented you from getting out as much as you would have liked these past few months, you might be feeling a bit of cabin fever about now. Luckily, you can still introduce positive changes to your life that help you feel healthier and younger. Here are two ways to awaken your body and mind. Adopt a new activity.

With this better understanding, you can make choices more aligned with your true interests and personality. Think about getting involved with a new activity you may have always wanted to try but never had the chance, like yoga or even a video game. Trying out new things keeps your brain active. You may even discover a new favorite activity along the way! Pay attention to mental health. Although more years provide more experience and knowledge, sometimes they also come with heavy baggage. The loss of a loved one, trauma, and other struggles can impact your life in later years. This is why it’s good to practice mindfulness. Take some time to focus on the present. Go for a walk and listen to the world around you, feel the fresh air against your skin, fill your lungs, and take in everything you can see. Meditation is also a good way to spend a few minutes to focus on your body in the moment and the things in life that make you happy. Practices like these can help you feel lighter, both physically and emotionally. Growing older doesn’t mean you can’t feel renewed and positive. This isn’t just an impossible idea — it’s a reality.

As you get older, it’s not uncommon to drift further from the

lifestyle you had in your 20s and 30s. Things have settled down, and you know a bit more about who you are, what you enjoy, and what you’re capable of.

Reel ‘Em In! Local Fishing Tips to Help You Catch the Big One

Year-round gorgeous weather is just one of the many perks of living in Florida, and with that comes the opportunity for anglers to drop a line in the water pretty much whenever they want. However, with school out for the summer, Father’s Day just around the corner, and National Go Fishing Day on June 18, we believe there’s no better time than June to try to reel in the big one. Before you set off on your next fishing adventure, consider these local fishing tips. Get Licensed Like many states, Florida requires anglers to obtain a fishing license if they are over the age of 16. The cost and type of license vary depending on what you are fishing for, any disabilities you may have, and other factors. Many fishing charters and experts will take care of your licensing or help you through the process. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Grab Your Gear You will also have to consider where you plan to fish and how your gear will fare. The type of fish you

are fishing for will impact the bait, lures, and poles you use. Likewise, with many inlets, rivers, lakes, and coastal regions, there are numerous ways and places to fish, which means a variety of options for your gear. Look to professionals to point you in the best direction, and keep boating safety in mind before heading out. Life jackets, boat safety lessons, and emergency kits will be necessary if you plan on venturing off the coast. Know Your Fish

Florida’s coasts and inland lakes and rivers are home to some of the most diverse marine wildlife in the U.S. This means that fishing in Fort Myers and Sanibel is very different than fishing in say Jacksonville or Tampa. Understanding what types of fish you are after can help you better prepare for your trip. For example, schools of snook, redfish, sheepshead, and mangrove snapper call the inlets of the Gulf of Mexico home, but if you travel offshore, you’re likely going to catch grouper, barracuda, and mackerel. Learn more about the fish that call our coast home from the Florida Fish andWildlife Conservation Commission at

Good luck!


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