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My Law Journey Making a difference is essential to me and the work I do; it’s what drove my journey into law, and it’s what drives me to this day. I’m not exactly sure what prompted it, but I know the impact my community had on me. Without my hometown and the journey it set me on, I’m not sure where I would be today. I grew up in a quaint town in north Georgia. Two industries were the lifeblood of the city: blue jeans and boozing. I loved playing baseball in my spare time, so I played on my high school team, which drove my dedication to academics. I loved the town, and with a population of only about 5,000, your connection to the community is stronger.

where I gained a completely new understanding of how enterprise law worked.

It was that dedication to my academics that enabled me to gain my town’s HOPE scholarship. The HOPE scholarship, now the Powerball scholarship, is an academic scholarship that awards free in-state tuition to any student with a B average. With only two people in my graduating class attending college, that scholarship set me on a path that would go beyond the doors of the jean and boozing factories. I went to Georgia Tech to study engineering for my bachelor’s. I loved the math and ingenuity of it all. The process of utilizing math and creativity to develop an idea from concept to reality, while helping to solve a problem, fascinated me. As I went further into my studies, I found myself longing for work that would help a community like the one in my hometown growing up.

There was one internship with American Express, however, that solidified my interest in this facet of law. During the internship, I worked to protect the patents of fraud detection technology they were developing. Tracey Thomas, the chief IP strategist, taught me the inner workings of handling IP cases and situations, especially in trade secret litigation and copyright claims. The lessons I was able to glean from Tracey were invaluable. The work was so much fun, and it all went so well that my superior offered me a job! I was there for a year and a half working in their upper Manhattan IP zone. The IP zone was a corridor for IP brokers and lawyers to make transactions and negotiate all in one spot. Soon after finishing my work at American Express, I passed the bar and went into the job market. If anyone remembers 2008, you know how hard it was to land on your feet. So to make myself appealing to firms, I went back to school for one more year. Due to the Dodd-Frank Act, there were a lot of job opportunities in commercial law, so I studied hedge funds and incentives in the context of the law. After I graduated, I moved to Orlando, where I found an opportunity to work with BakerHostetler doing commercial litigation. While I gained a lot of experience working at BakerHostetler, I still wasn’t able to help the community the way I wanted to in patent law. So, I took that as an opportunity to open my firm, a boutique IP practice that focuses on transactions and litigation.

It was during that time in my academic career that I found patent law, and I saw I could help people in a big way. However, I knew if I was going to best serve clients with patent issues, I needed to understand their needs on a technical level. I went to work as an engineer to appreciate the work of other engineers and to authentically interpret issues that arise in the industry. After four years as an engineer, I went to New York Law School to pursue my passion of patent law. After my first year in law school, instead of defense classes, I gravitated toward intellectual property law and took IP and social property classes. During my time as a law student, I had several internship opportunities

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