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DeSoto City Lights August, 2019 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department BIG DAY FOR DESOTO AT NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS COG AWARD CEREMONY Grow DeSoto Market Place Wins Award/Mayor McCowan Receives Recognition Story by MaƩ Smith, City of DeSoto ‐ CommunicaƟons Manager The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), an associaƟon of North Texas  governments that assists with regional planning efforts, provided the City of DeSoto with  some wonderful news on Friday, June 14, 2019.  NCTCOG awarded their “CelebraƟng Leadership in Development Excellence (CLIDE) Award”  to the Grow DeSoto Market Place for exemplifying one or more of their Principles of  Development Excellence.  They also declared that Grow DeSoto serves as an example of  Development Excellence in the North Central Texas Region.  

The Grow DeSoto Market Place is the product of a public‐private partnership between the  DeSoto Economic Development CorporaƟon (DeSoto EDC), the City of DeSoto, the DeSoto  Chamber of Commerce, OpƟons Real Estate, and The Industry Hub.  This partnership is  credited with successfully transforming a shuƩered hardware store into a thriving facility  that now serves as DeSoto’s small business incubator. Grow DeSoto, which celebrated its  grand opening in October 2018, provides shoppers in DeSoto and the region with a wide variety of unique retail shops,  services, restaurants, and a full‐service fitness and rehabilitaƟon center.    “The Grow DeSoto Market Place symbolizes the creaƟve rebirth of our small business community and serves as an 

example to many other ciƟes that the closure of old  businesses in a community can present bold new  opportuniƟes that can ulƟmately make a posiƟve  difference within a city!” stated DeSoto Mayor  CurƟstene McCowan.  Mayor McCowan, who presently serves on The North  Central Texas Council of Governments Board of  Directors, also received some great news from NCTCOG.  She has been selected to serve as the board’s Secretary‐ Treasurer for 2019‐2020. Said Mayor McCowan, “I am  honored to play an even bigger role in this great  organizaƟon which has helped to change the face of the  North Texas region for the beƩer!”   The North Central Texas Council of Governments  (NCTCOG) idenƟfies themselves as a voluntary  associaƟon of, by and for local governments, established  to assist in regional planning. To learn more about  NCTCOG, go to And for more  informaƟon about the Grow DeSoto Market Place visit 

Pictured above from LeŌ to Right:  DEDC Board Member and former DeSoto  Mayor Bobby G. Waddle, OpƟons Real Estate COO Lena Liles, OpƟons Real Estate  President and Duncanville City Council Member Monte Anderson, DeSoto Mayor  CurƟstene S. McCowan, former DeSoto Mayor Pro Tem Rachel Proctor, Grow  DeSoto Incubator Consultant Terry Toomey, DeSoto Deputy City Manager LeƟƟa  Shelton and DEDC Chief ExecuƟve Officer Joe D. Newman.

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