2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)



The CARVEX Cordless Jigsaws for limitless mobility with increased cut performance.

CARVEX PSC 420 EB Basic $359.00 576522


$519.00 576527

• Effortlessly transition from corded to cordless without compromising performance. • Balanced with a unique ergonomic battery for optimum performance and handling. • Tackle your most demanding (and remote) applications with the robust and versatile Carvex Cordless Jigsaws. • Designed to deliver the same performance as their corded counterparts. • Tool-less base change platform. • Zero clearance splinterguard are solid one-piece inserts that are cut with the blade mounted in the machine for a clean, splinter-free cut.

The most versatile, capable jigsaw ever built, the CARVEX is adaptable to virtually any material or application. With a wide range of time- saving, quality-improving, task-specific bases, adapters, and inserts. CARVEX Accessory Kit. Do more with a jigsaw than you thought possible.

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