2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)



D esigned for perfect zero-clearance between the blade and the splinterguard.

TRION PS 300 EQ $299.00 576039


$299.00 576049

• Carbide guidance system keeps the blade perpendicular to the shoe for improved cut results, even in thick stock. • Zero clearance splinterguard are solid one-piece inserts that are cut with the blade mounted in the machine for a clean, splinter-free cut. • Dust extraction channels integrated in the base plate coupled with a clear chip deflector a rear dust extraction port provide for cleaner work area. • MMC electronics provide soft start to reduce start up jolts, variable speed to match the speed to the material, and constant speed under load.

TOP 3 Accessories

Engineered for cutting efficiency, long life, and superior cut results. For more information: Page 111 Jigsaw Blade Set

Reducing the chance of tearout and rework. For more information: Page 109 Splinterguard

Perfect for guiding the saw in any position. For more information: Page 84 Guide Rail FS 2.0

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