2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)

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Jigsaw blade range

Saw Blade



For quick cuts in wood where high precision is not required.


Fine Cut

For precisely cut and splinter-free surfaces.

Wood For outstanding results in wooden materials with high-grade HCS tool steel.

The universal blade for perpendicular cuts fundamentally encompasses all relevant applications involving wood. Also ideal in combination with the Festool guide rail. For highly precise perpendicular cuts thanks to extremely sharp Japanese teeth – the fibers are first scored, then cut through cleanly. Ideal for curves – even extremely tight radii are possible. For the toughest demands such as plastic solid material and fiber-reinforced plastics. For plastic profiles, acrylic glass (e.g. Plexiglas®) and soft plastics. For laminate and boards bound with melamine resin.

Straight Cut




Solid Materials

Plastic materials Specially designed for excellent cutting results in virtually all plastics.




Metal Rippled basic form made from HCS bimetal – ideal for machining metals such as aluminum and steel. Building materials Carbide-tipped for the longest service life even with abrasive materials.

Steel/Stainless Steel

For machining aluminum, non-ferrous metals and steel.


Sandwich Materials

For sandwich materials.

For gypsum and cement-bound chipboard and fiberboard.

Abrasive Materials



For cutting brickwork and ceramics.

For soft insulating materials, cardboard and polystyrene.


Metric dimensions binding. Fits both PS and PSB.

Anatomy of a Festool Jigsaw Blade

Key to tooth / pitch / type / material

Engineered for cutting efficiency, long life, and superior cut results, Festool T-shank jigsaw blades fit most professional jigsaws and are available for various materials. Whether cutting wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, steel, or special materials like fiberglass and foam, these blades have you covered. And they’re designed for various cut types—straight and splinter-free, curves, bends, and thick-material cutting.

Conically ground teeth for clean cuts

HCS tool steel: the standard quality for all wood materials HS bimetal: long service and high cutting capacity

Hard-soldered, carbide-grit edge

Jigsaw blade set $52.00 including: 204275

Corrugated blade, precision-milled teeth Carbide-tipped (HM): resistant to high temperatures and hard-wearing

5 Wood Fine Cut saw blades (204256, S75/2,5/5); 5 Wood Universal saw blades (204316, S 75/4 FSG/5); 5 Wood Straight Cut saw blades (204260, S 75/2,8/5); 5 Wood Curves saw blades (204265, S 75/4 K/5); 5 Wood Basic saw blades (204305, S 75/4/5)

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