2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)



OSC 18 Accessories

Equipped with a depth stop for defined plunge cuts and an extractor connector for removing dust when sawing; can be used with offset saw blades Plunge Base Enables plunge cuts with a defined depth; includes an adapter for fitting accessories without tools; working angle can be flexibly adjusted; contains two inserts: A rotating depth stop for plunge cuts and a sliding shoe for long, straight cuts Depth Stop Set Provides an optimal view of the workpiece; makes it possible to saw with minimal dust generation; machine can be safely guided with both hands Dust Extraction Device OSC-AH Plunge Base; OSC-TA Depth Stop; OSC-AV Dust Extraction Device; OSC-A Adapter Plunge Base / Depth Stop / Dust Extraction Device Set

$155.00 203254





$255.00 203258

$120.00 205036

HighPower Battery Pack BP 18 Li 4.0 HPC-ASI Li-HighPower cell technology makes it powerful enough for every application. At just 1.2 lbs (600 g), it is 20% lighter and 50% more compact than a 5.2 Ah battery pack. Bluetooth® lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack with AIRSTREAM, enables the compatible CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor to be started automatically when the cordless tool is activated.



Rapid Charger TCL 6

For Li-ion battery packs (except for CXS/TXS). LED display shows the remaining battery life and charge status. Space-saving with a secure cord holder.

$105.00 200313

Rapid Charger SCA 8

Faster re-charge for less down time. AIRSTREAM batteries with the SCA 8 charger re-charge 60% faster than previous charging technology.

*(Available with the Basic + Attachments ( 576590 ) and as additional accessories.)

Integrated dust port and depth stop*

Tool-free blade change

Cordless mobility

Stepless variable speed

Plunge base*

Starlock ® integration

Depth stop Designed for maximum precision, the depth stop lets you set and control the depth of your cut at multiple angles.

Dust extraction device For sawing with minimal dust and having a clear view of the workpiece. Ideal for sawing overhead.

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