2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)

Edge Banding


M eticulous, easy and efficient edge banding.

Edge Bander CONTURO KA 65 $3,185.00 576577

Edge Bander CONTURO KA 65 Set

574616 $3,575.00

• Inexpensive compared to alternatives like stationary edge banding machines • Capable of edge banding curves, circles, convex and concave radii and inside corners • Electronically controlled precision glue distribution system for maximum adhesion

• Compact, portable, ergonomic design for easy use and flexibility • Optional table mounting for working with small work pieces

TOP 3 Accessories

Radius scraper for breaking edges, smoothing curves and cleaning cut edges. For more information: Page 143 Scraper

Edge band cutter for flawless seams. For more information: Page 142 Edge Trimmer

Holds additional edge banding for longer runs. For more information: Page 143 Edge Bander Reel

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