2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)

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PLANEX drywall sanders + CT 36 E AC go hand-in-hand when tackling fine drywall dust.

See page 226 for more on the Drywall Set.

PLANEX drywall sander

PLANEX Tool Holder

Connecting sleeve

Textured Ceiling Removal & Wall Cleansing

CT 36 E AC

Saves Time

Blast Gate

Reduce Call Backs

Increase Efficiency

The Blast Gate shown is an optional accessory that creates a seal to assist with a manual “superclean” of the internal filter, or to prevent dust from escaping during transport.

Blast Gate

Tool Holder

For CT 36 AC / CT 48 AC and PLANEX drywall sander. 497926 $67.00

For CT 36 AC and PLANEX with a carrier handle and storage space for abrasives, pads and other small parts. 205274 $49.00

More Profitable

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