2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)



Precise angle cuts. Angles of -60° to +60° can be set with repeatable accuracy and high precision.

Guide Rail Accessories

$175.00 577040

Angle Stop


Angles of -60 ° to +60 ° can be set with repeatable accuracy. The quick clamping lever allows for a Tool- Free connection to the Guide Rail.

$90.00 577041

Guide Extension (Metric)

The Angle Stop (577040) can be extended using the guide extension with a scale and an adjustable stop. This allows cuts to be easily made to size with repeat accuracy.


Include: Adjustable stop and 2 connecting pieces.

$25.00 204787

Helps to prevent the suction hose and cords from catching on the end of the Guide Rail for easier cord and hose management. Tool-free connection to Guide Rails via the T-slot and thumbscrew. Deflector




Set stop points on the Guide Rail for repeat cuts and plunge-cuts. Infinitely adjustable placement along the entire rail. Reduces the risk of kickback when initiating plunge-cuts. Limit Stop


Includes: Angle Stop (577040); Connectors (577039); Deflector (204787); 2 Screw Clamps (489570); Limit Stop (491582); SYS3 M 137 with inlay (204841) FS Accessory Kit Effortlessly produce perfect cuts or routs. $ 299.00 577157

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