2022 Festool USA Product Catalog (English)



Cordless Carpentry Saw for limitless mobility on the jobsite.

HKC 55 Basic $399.00 576164

HKC 55 Plus $599.00 576167

HKC 55 Set + FSK 250 Rail $699.00 576173

• Making exact and repeated cuts quickly and accurately anywhere. • The HK and HKC are the ultimate solution for all wood processing on the jobsite. • Coupled with FSK Guide Rails with integrated angle stops, HK saws bring a higher degree of efficiency, repeatability, accuracy, and quality of cut unlike any circular saw before.

When paired with the HK/HKC Carpentry Saws you will get straight and quick cross-cuts every time. These guide rails feature integrated adjustable angle stops along with a self-retraction feature. The new guide rails work only with the HK/HKC Carpentry Saws. FSK cross-cutting guide rails. Straight and quick cross-cuts when paired with the HK/HKC Carpentry Saws.

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