Empowering Writers 2020 Catalogue

Professional Development

Workshops Empowering Writers takes a unique approach to live event writing instruction, emphasizing the connection between good writing skills and literacy achievement as a whole. We design our full-day interactive workshops to maximize engagement and deliver valuable, pragmatic takeaways you can’t find anywhere else. Our knowledgeable presenters are both former and current classroom teachers who will make the most of your time – and leave you confident and excited to apply what you’ve learned in your own classroom right away. Our workshops can be presented virtually or in-person. We can work with your school or district to best meet your training needs.

K-1 Getting Ready to Write Workshop Finally, kindergarten and first grade educators have a workshop that delivers age-appropriate, direct instruction on how to teach writing to our youngest students. In this training you will: • Analyze the developmental stages of writing • Create the reading-writing connection across content areas • Use literature and informational texts as a jumping off point for instruction • Identify genre and author’s purpose • Apply the salient skills of narrative, informational, & opinion writing • Teach age-appropriate summarization skills • Create vivid elaboration

• Inspire rich vocabulary development • Apply age-appropriate research skills

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